Frequently asked questions from our customers

Shipping, sizing, buying...

Yes, we do! Using DHL EXPRESS service is delivery time shortened just for couple of days all around the world.

You have FREE SHIPPING for all orders made in our e-shop. No more extra costs to your items.

You can easily check your size in our size chart - over here.

Yes, we do accept returns. In case, you don't like your item, you can easily sent it back to us up to 30-days after making order. Returns of orders made in EU countries are free of charge. The others (rest of the world) aren't, because of return custom clearance process. For more details about this charge, please contact us.

Quality, materials...

Our products are made with top quality materials. And with top quality processing! This is the most important for us - to offer only HIGH-END products for our customers.
Everything begins with yarn, than proper design, knitting and sewing. We take care so much on details and every aspect of our products.

Nothing like "the best fiber" does not exist. Every material does have some pros and cons.  But we have chosen for our production alpaca fiber, because of lot's of pros and not so many cons. As you can see HERE, there are many pros. The main are quality, thermal properties, softness, durability... These are very important for good apparel, so we've decided for alpaca.

No, it isn't! Baby alpaca refers to the grade of alpaca wool (22-23 microns in diameter)  Baby alpaca is softer than regular alpaca and is often sheared from the “blanket” (back area) of alpacas. 

Here you can find grades of alpaca wool used in our products.

Alpaca Superfine: 26-27 microns curly hair fiber. It represents 40% of total alpaca production.

Baby Suri Alpaca: 22-23 microns long, silky and sparse fiber. It represents 0.5% of total alpaca production.

Baby Alpaca: 22-23 microns it has 22 natural colors. It represents 25% of total alpaca production.

Royal Alpaca: 18-19 microns the finest fiber of huacaya. It represents 2% of total alpaca production.

Majestic:   17 microns has luster and an unbeatable softness to the touch.
The fiber from this exclusive selection has a fineness of 17 microns

Materials used in our products are: alpaca wool (mainly), BIO cotton for labels and for sewing, recycled paper for handtags, packaging

Wearing, washing, ironing...

In order for your alpaca clothes to last as long as possible in perfect condition, we recommend dry cleaning (using any solvent EXCEPT tetrachlorethylene).
Some of our products can also be washed in a washing machine - on the program for "very delicate laundry" or "hand wash". Maximum water temperature 30 degrees.

As alpaca wool is odour resistant, antibacterial and stain resistant, there is no need to wash our products so often as other materials like cotton, linen, viscose, merino...
Dry cleaning is allowed too. 

More informations find in our CARE INSTRUCTIONS.

We strongly recommend dry cleaning method using any detergent except Tetrachloreethylene!

Before washing, see the label on the product with the symbols. With your order, you will receive instructions how to care for your new piece.

More informations find in our CARE INSTRUCTIONS.

Avoid using dryer.
The best way how to dry alpaca wool is to dry it flat (not hanging because it causes loosing of its original shape), in shade.

More informations find in our CARE INSTRUCTIONS.

Yes, it is OK to use COLD (low temperature setting, up to 110° Celsius/230 Fahrenheit) iron on alpaca garments. 
If your garment is little shrinked, we recommend to lay it flat on straight surface or hang it somewhere (only when garment is DRY) for a while and it will go back to nice shape without any shrink signs.

More informations find in our CARE INSTRUCTIONS.

By proper storage of alpaca products you must take care about 2 things.
1. garments must be absolutely and perfect dry before storage - to avoid occur any mold.
2. put your alpaca garment in some properly closed case - to avoid moths get to the alpaca garment.

More informations find in our CARE INSTRUCTIONS.

Responsibility, Eco & the others...

Yes it is!
In Andean jewel we take care about our supply chain. So our suppliers do have:
GOTS certification (The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) has a clearly defined set of criteria and is transparent. GOTS is the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibres, including ecological and social criteria, backed up by independent certification of the entire textile supply chain),  R-A-S Responsible alpaca standard,       R-W-S Responsible wool standard, Oekotex 100 certification (STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® is one of the world's best-known labels for textiles tested for harmful substances. It stands for customer confidence and high product safety), set standards for shearing technique as national standard (INCA ESQUILA), are members of Interwoollabs, Huella de carbono Peru.

We do take care about environment in every aspect. From transportation - when we support program of seeding new trees for every kg transported by our partner, to using eco-friendly materials in our products and even when packaging your orders. And of course, we do not use any non-natural materials in our products!

Alpacas live in high altitudes in Andes. Naturaly above 3800meters above sea level. At this altitude, the water supply is natural and the land is generally not suitable for agriculture. Alpacas nibble only the tops of grasses and other plants; they do not rip plants out of the ground, resulting in less disturbance of the vegetation and allowing it to grow back.
In contrast to goats and sheep, wich have sharp hooves that damage pasture and soil, alpacas have two toes with toenails on top and a soft pad on the bottom of each foot that minimizes their effect on pasture-land.
The efficiency of alpacas is especially notable considering that they require much less food intake than most other fibre-producing livestock (for example: goats which produce cashmere need 2x more food than alpacas for 1kg of pure yarn)

Simple question - simple answer: because evergreens never be old.
With this kind of super soft, super comfy and luxury material you want to use it as long as possible. So we decided to make design as evergreen. Which you can put on today, tomorrow and next years as well.


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