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We in Andean jewel have decided to start our own charity project in country of Peru - country, where yarn used for our products comes from.

Yarn used for our products comes from highland region in South Peru. Alpacas creates important source of income for more than 1 million small farmers.

By the end of 2020 as a result of Covid, a further 3.3 million have fallen into category of poor. Consequently around 10 million suffer from monetary poverty, nearly a third of the total population.


So we have decided it is fair and right not only take but also give back. Send back some of capital which can made thanks to hardworking Peruvians. Invest to their future and make their life better. 

In cooperation with the breeding and research center for alpacas PACOMARCA, our mission in this country begins. Part of our profit goes back to Peru. To people who need it more than us. To people who deserve it.

PACOMARCA - this research center in Peru has over 25 years of experience in breeding alpacas. 

The main activity is therefore the breeding of local alpacas with the aim of obtaining the highest quality wool, strengthening the resistance of the local herds, rejuvenating them, etc. Among other things, it unites more than 100 local families dedicated to alpacas breeding. Pacomarca is the author of the Peruvian national standard (norm) for gentle and sustainable shearing of  alpacas INCA ESQUILA. It also organizes an annual competition between local breeders for the best quality wool. You can find more information on www.pacomarca.com

We are the first company in Europe to start a charity project with this center. We have decided to donate part of the profit from the sale of our products in the form of a gift to a local family that is dedicated to raising alpacas. And what will be the gift? We will support the family by giving a stud of male Alpaca Huacayo of A+ quality. Such a nobleman will significantly increase the quality of wool in his new herd and thus also the profits of his new owner - the breeder of the herd. In addition, Pacomarca is committed to monitoring the health status of this herd and purchasing wool production directly from the breeder at the highest market price (without intermediaries). Fair trade. 

We believe that you will like this idea and by buying our products you will support this project.

Don't feed the hungry with fish - give them a fishing rod and teach them how to catch those fish.


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