More about our philosophy...

There are 4 key values on which we have built our brand.



This is on the first place. Our garments are simply well-made. Materials used are top class, manufacturing process is on top level and result is very good looking and very good wearable apparels. Our business model is not based on production of high quantity of low-quality clothes but opposite. High quality products which can last for years. And as it is not designed on seasonal trends our products are evergreens forever!



Used materials in our garments are 100% natural. We don't use any synthetics, like nylon, poly, rayon, acrylic, spandex... We decided to avoid these materials because of their negative effects during production, usage (microplastics released with every washing) and even after the end of their lifetime.
Except alpaca we like to add some other natural fibers to our garments like high quality merino wool, silk, pima cotton.
One simply question: why try to re-invent the wheel again? There are already methods known several hundred years to get durable and confortable fabrics -> garments. So why to use something on oil basis with all those negative effects, if we don't have to...
We think that the best solutions are the simple solutions.                                 



We really care! 
We care about conditions in which animals live. We care how they are sheared. We care about fair salaries of the growers because we care about their families, if they can afford health care, education, food, improvement of their lives. We also care about impacts on environment. So we decided pay little more for shipping service by our shipping partner but with warranty of growing new trees by every shipping we make! And we also care that you will recieve our products in eco-friendly box (not some plastic).



Details are our passion. So that's why our products are really well made - with accent on details. Accent on very carefully choosen fabric, weight. Accent on style of our garments - typical slow fashion, which could be wear yesterday, can be wear today and also tomorrow. Accents about proccesing, about packing and shipping.  And with biggest accent on your satisfaction with our products. Because we like to make you satisfied and happy by wearing this exceptional alpaca wool.


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