Some interesting facts about fiber which are our garments made of

1. Exceptional quality.
Now you can discover alpaca wool is softer than cashmere and warmer than merino! This wool is excellent in durability and strength too. Its extraordinary and lustrous look makes it very demanded between luxury natural materials.

What that means for you?  With alpaca woolen garments you get something very special that can last for years. 

2. Natural product.
Alpaca wool is hypoallergenic - it is lanolin free so these products can wear also people who suffer wool allergy.
Alpaca wool is antibacterial too.  

What that means for you?  You can be sure that your new alpaca clothes has no negative effect on your body or  environment. 

3. Odour resistant.

 Thanks to fact that alpaca wool does not wick moisture in it's fibers you can enjoy our garments without any signs of smelling. No need of regular washing like with other materials which absorb sweat (like cotton). If there's no sweat going in, no sweat stays in and that means no odour. It's simple.

What that means for you? You can wear your favorite alpaca garment for a longer time without washing it.

4. Temperature and moisture regulation.
 Alpaca wool is composed by extra quality fibers. It's biggest advantage is the best temperature and moisture management between natural fibers. High breathability of this fiber helps body thermal regulation. 

What that means for you? Technical attributes of this material makes it perfect for everyday use, but also for sport activities.

5. 22 natural colors
Alpaca fiber comes in 22 natural colors. For these colors there is no need of additional dyeing process (avoiding this step saves lot of energy). And we like to use these colors in our products. 

What that means for you? Another proof, we take care about sustainability of our products. 

6. Biodegradable. 
Alpaca wool as natural product is fully biodegradable! We make our garments without any artificial materials. Because we all know problem with micro plastics which release during every washing. So we avoid these materials in our garments. This is the cleanest solution in industry!

What that means for you? Good feeling that after every single wash no micro plastics release from your garment and take way to the ocean. 


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